Harry Potter Birthday Party!


Are you still waiting for your letter from Hogwart’s with the lovely green ink? Me too.  In the meantime us Muggles can celebrate the Wizarding world by having a birthday celebration for Harry Potter on July 31st at 6pm.

There will be snacks, a craft and scenes from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Costumes Welcome!

This is an ‘after-hours’ event. Unattended kids (ages 8 and up) must be registered before parents can leave.  For more information please call 304-872-0844

Now Registering for Makercamp

Welcome prospective campers! We are pleased to announce a brand new program starting Friday July 10th.  Registration has started, sign up today!


Makercamp is designed by Make: and Google, we applied to be an affiliate campsite (the only one in West Virginia!) and received a great box full of supplies to get us started.


Want to know more? Check out this You Tube video from last years’ program.

Summer Reading Club starts Wednesday


Summer Reading Club starts Wednesday June 24th! The program is open to all readers who have finished Kindergarten through going into 5th grade.  We meet every Wednesday at 1:00 until July 29th.  This summer we will be exploring the different types of Heroes in the world, real and make-believe.

Why Summer Reading? There are multiple benefits to summer reading programs, First it helps prevent a slip in reading skills that are well documented in the return of non-readers to school. Studies have shown that reading over the summer prevents this “summer reading loss.”

Struggling or Reluctant Readers: One advantage of public library summer library programs for reluctant readers is that they are not located in school buildings, which helps reduce the negative perception about summer learning for students who are struggling. Summer reading programs in public libraries usually encourage readers, especially those who are struggling, to use alternate formats such as magazines,  audiobooks, graphic novels, and material on the Internet. Library summer programs offer activities related to literature that is often not included in schools, because of the time constraints. Participants often return to summer library programs in successive years, which help children build reading into their summer routine.

The Importance of Self-Selection of Reading Materials –  Some researchers feel it is important that students read things that are important to them socially– items related to movies and books or characters that are popular with their friends. Students read more when they can choose materials based on their own interests. Self-selection of reading materials is an extremely important factor in motivating struggling readers, and is a key component of our Summer Reading Club.

And did we mention that if your child is registered, you can leave them with us for a whole hour while you do what you need to do? Because grown up time is important too.

This Week @SPL

Tuesday June 16th – 10:30 Preschool Storytime Dance Party (ages 3-5)
stdancepartyThursday June 18th – 10:30 Early Explorers (toddler storytime) AND a preview of our Makercamp from 1-4, stop by and check out some of the projects we will be working on this summer (grades 5th and up).  Makercamp is designed by Google and we are please to announce that we have been accepted as an offical campsite this year!  Here’s a quick video about the program.

Friday June 19th – Scholastic Book Fair!! help us earn prizes for all our summer reading club participants and get some great reads to stock your kid’s bookshelves.


Scholastic Book Fair is Coming!!


We will be hosting a Scholastic K-8 Book Fair from Friday June 19th through Friday June 26th.

Funds raised will help purchase books for prizes for our Summer Reading Club participants. Everyone is invited to attend this fun reading event that helps inspire children to become lifelong readers. The kids put a lot of effort into reading all summer and we are excited to reward them with books for their own personal library.

The Book Fair will correspond with the registration period and the first week of Summer Reading Club.  SRC is open to any reader who has completed Kindergarten through 5th grade.  It starts Wednesday June 24th at 1:00 and runs every Wednesday through July.

Thank you for your support!