Spooky (but not too spooky) Storytime


Early Explorers starts 10/16!

A new storytime program is starting Thursday, October 16th at 10:30.  The new program is for children around 18-36 months. Early Explorers will run for 6 weeks and each session will last about 30 minutes.  Early Explorers will be an interactive program for both the child and the care giver (parents, grandparents…) including stories, songs and play time.Possum and mice reading

Happy October!

Here’s what’s happening in October. Hope to see you soon.


calender october

NEW Service — Classroom Cards

We know it’s not easy for classes to get to us, so we are delivering the Library to you! With a little notice (2 weeks is best) we can put together a collection to meet your current classroom needs. Fiction, Non-Fiction, Audio Books and E-books are available for checkout and delivery to your school.


All teachers in Nicholas County (Pre-K-12) are invited to apply for a classroom card.
To get started download our application form, fill it out and return it to the Library.

Click here for the documents “classroom cards

Nicholas County Potato Festival Sept. 12-13

The Summersville Public Library will be at the Potato Festival in Summersville this year! We are very excited to try out some of our new remote capabilities.  Here are some of the services we will be offering on Saturday September 13, 2014potato

  • New Library Cards!
  • E-book Assistance, get a quick intro to downloading FREE e-books to your reader using your library card
  • Tour our online resources
  • Craft and story time for the kids at 1:00
  • Make your mark and be a part of our International Dot Day Celebrartion

The Library will be CLOSED on Saturday the 13th so we can join in on such a wonderful community event, hope to see you there!

Reader Review!

Have you read a great book lately? New or just new to you? Send us a message and we will share it.


Soulless (Parasol Protectorate #1) by Gail Carriger


Alexia Tarabotti is soulless, a spinster, and half Italian–which is the worst characteristic according toparasol

the late 1800s socialites in London’s high society. Alexia spends late nights wielding her parasol while visiting her dear friend, Lord Akeldama, a flamboyantly rove vampire and failing miserably at avoiding Lord Maccon (appaling,loud, messy, gorgeous, and werewolf). Select supernaturals are missing and others unknown are coming into being. With the soulless ability to negate supernatural powers, Alexia is a prime target.


Ms. Carriger delivers an intense, romantic, witty novel that incorporates proper London etiquette and collides with steam-punk interventions and the animalistic urges of the supernatural. This is a great read and I could not put it down.


-Ashley Prather



Librarian’s note:

I loved this book too, and the rest of the series. Gail Carriger also has a YA series that starts with Etiquette & Espionage


Looking for Reviewers!

Have you read any great book lately? We would love to hear about it. Email your review to spl@mail.mln.lib.wv.us and we will feature it on our website.

Here’s a book that Brooke wants you to know about…JMC_BeautifulDisaster_Cover-e1333664180331

I have recently read Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire.  It is a story about “good-girl” Abby, who goes to Eastern University with her best friend, she thinks that she has put enough distance between her and her rough childhood.  She meets Travis Maddox, who is a hunk of yumminess, Eastern University’s resident bad boy.  He is lean, muscular, and covered in tattoos, what else could a girl need.   Travis spends his nights fighting in an underground fighting ring and bringing home a different girl most nights.  He meets Abby and they become friends.  Abby goes to one of his fights and makes a bet with him, if he loses he has to remain abstinent for one month, but if he wins the bet Abby has to live with him for one month.

As you read this book you see them fall for each other.  Once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down, it is intense and they both are perfectly stubborn.  Abby tries to stay away but she can’t and when her past shows up will Travis leave her hanging or will he be there for her?

Ms. McGuire weaves a very addictive love story.  She has a way of making you feel what the characters are feeling.  I am now reading Walking Disaster (book 2); this is from Travis’ perspective.  I have read some things about people reading the books concurrently.  I will let you know how this works out in my next review!—Brooke Vickers


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