The Curiosity Collection

The Curiosity Collection opened in February of 2016, it is a unique addition to the Summersville Public Library composed of scientific equipment, such as microscopes and telescopes, technology tools like a Makey-Makey and a learn to solder kit, games to learn about electronics like Snap-Circuits and Littlebits, board games, and even crafting tools like weaving and knitting looms. There are also musical instruments, and building sets (Magformers and K’Nex) for various age groups.

CCphotos littlebits

And you can take them home with you, just like you would a book! Awesome, right? Type Curiosity Collection into the catalog to see all the collection has to offer.

CCphotos weaving


The collectioCCphotos micron is intended for all ages and all skill levels, and will grow and evolve with user feedback and requests.  

Want to see something added? Shout it out in the comments or send us an email

Access is available to anyone with a valid adult library card. A complete description of the LendingGuidelines are available.



Libraries have long been a place for people to explore new worlds, investigate new hobbies or learn a skill.  Having the actual tools to implement the knowledge is an extension of
their mission.  “We want to encourage people out of the consuming box and into the creating one. When we start creating, inventing, and making, we become problem solvers. The world and West Virginia could use a few more of those.”
said Sarah Palfrey, Director of the Summersville Public Library.  
CCphotos Osmo

The Curiosity Collection was funded by a grant from The Nicholas County Community Foundation (NCCF).  In October, 2015 the NCCF held a competition called the Community Catalyst Fund, complete with a Shark Tank style pitch night.  Organizations competed for votes by making a three minute presentation to the audience.  Members of the fund voted and three organizations were awarded $5,000 grants.  Executive Director for NCCF said, “The Community Catalyst Fund was community driven, it was an exciting evening and the Curiosity Collection had overwhelming support. The community is excited for this new and unusual program being offered by the LibraryIMG_6435.”

Stop by and check it out!