Tuesday Storytime Summer Schedule

We’ve planned out the next few weeks so you can plan on joining us!  Tuesday storytime is designed for 3-5 year olds but not limited to those ages, it starts at 10:30 and lasts about 25 minutes.  Here’s our summer line up:

June 1st

The Three Little Pigs Construction Zone – hear the classic tale and then we will build the three different houses and find out which one really is the strongest.

June 9thpetethecat

Character Favorites! Pete the Cat by Eric Litwin, includes a Pete craft.

June 16th

Storytime Dance Party! – exactly as much fun as it sounds.

June 23rd

ScienceTime – The Rainbow Connection

June 30th

Superhero Training Academy – costumes welcome but not required.

July 7thotis

Character Favorites! – Otic the Tractor by Loren Long

July 14th

Stretchy Storytime – yoga for pre-schoolers

July 21st

Storytime Cabaret – stories about music and our own DIY band

July 28th

ScienceTime – magnets

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