Is a M.O.O.C for you?

Welcome to the exciting world of learning online known as a M.O.O.C (Massively, Open, Online, Course)  M.O.O.Cs are free (open) to anyone who wants to participate, if you need or want a certificate to say you completed the course for continuing education there may be a small fee or for some courses or you can even upgrade for full college credit.  M.O.O.Cs are developed by professors and educators at Universities and Institutions around the world. You can take a poetry class from Harvard, economics from University of California, pop culture from the Smithsonian Institution or computer programming from MIT, not a bad way to spend an hour or two a week, right?

here’s a great video that explains how they work…

There are some big players in the world of M.O.O.Cs including edX, Coursera, and Educause and more. Many people use M.O.O.Cs to further their formal education but they are impacting life-long learners more than any other group.  The SPL is excited to help connect our patrons to M.O.O.Cs that will help them meet their own learning goals, both formal and informal.  We will be highlighting  a few courses throughout the year and then offering a time to meet up with your fellow local course takers to talk about the experience.

What do you want to know? What are your passions? The sky is the limit, how far will you stretch? Want to know more? Join us for M.O.O.C. 101 on May 19th at 6pm for an introduction and if you’re interested you can join us on one of our first adventures; Introduction to Nutrition – Food for Health or The Rise of Superheros and Their Impact on Pop Culture.

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