Once Upon a Time…

Fair tales are classics that we all know and love, but they seem to be getting a lot more love lately. There were two Snow White movies released this year, Disney princesses will just not go away, Pixar entered the realm with Brave  and TV has it’s own with Once Upon a Time and Grimm.  So why should books be any different?

There has been a great upswing in fairy tale type stories lately. Two recent publications actually take you into the landscape of the all too familiar characters.  And I for one love the settings.  It’s hard not to compare The Land of Stories; the Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer (yes, that Chris Colfer from GLEE!) and Storybound by Melissa Burt, they both have young protagonists who don’t just get lost in their reading, but actually fall into the actual books.  Both sets of charachters find that the ‘real characters’…Snow White, Goldilocks, Jack and countless other heroes and villains are busy living out their lives.  But the tone and the setting the authors have imagined for their fairy tale worlds take different paths.  Both stories involve quests of sort, The Land of Stories is more lighthearted, funny and intended for a slightly younger audience 4-7th grade, Storybound is a little darker and more complex, more middle school 6-8th grades.

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