New Author Spotlight—Darynda Jones

Her first novel, First Grave on the Right, introduced us to Charley Davidson; part-time PI, full time Grim Reaper, minus the cloak and scythe.  She works with her cop Uncle to help solve crimes by asking the dead what happened.   She’s quick witted, fashionably dressed and generally covered in bruises.

The book had a fast pace and a good mix of mystery and romance.  But not just your average romance, she is the Grim Reaper after all, and just a little different than the rest of us.  She has a supernatural fling that will keep the pages turning and is as much a mystery as why all the dead lawyers are following her around.

The next book in the series, Second Grave in the Left, hits the shelves this month.  While the language may not appeal to everyone; fans of Mary Janice Davidson and Janet Evanovich will likely find the characters enticing and the chaos that is Charley Davidson’s life entertaining.

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