Have you met Skulduggery Pleasant?

He’s an ace detective specializing in the supernatural, who drives a Bentley and wears flashy clothes.  Oh wait did I mention he’s also a talking skeleton who lost his head in poker game, so is currently wearing someone else’s? I didn’t? Well he’s all that too.  In the first book Skulduggery Pleasant later republished as Scepter of the Ancients (Skulduggery Pleasant #1) he meets up with Stephanie Edgley the niece of his recently deceased best friend.  Skulduggery shows Stephanie the wonders and perils of the magical world as they try to outwit and outfight the bad guys through the currently published five books.  While these books do deal with fantasy there is real life violence and challenging vocabulary that may be too much for the intended 10-12 year old audience.

Derek Landy has created a fast-paced supernatural thrill ride that will have you asking “is there another one?” According to Landy’s website book 6 is in the works!

If you like Artemis Fowl, Percy Jackson or are a fan of Fablehaven; you  should give this series a try.

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